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Velké DářkoVelké Dářko

Velké Dářko

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It is the largest pond in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands (Ceskomoravska Vrchovina) with the extent of 206ha. The recreation area is a significant centre of tourism with plenty of natural beauties. The pond used to serve as a reservoir for iron-mills, saw-mills and mills drive on the upper part of Sazava. Nowadays this large water surface become a paradise for Windsurfing and Yachting fans and sand shores are a balsam for summer refreshment. An educational trail leads around Velky Darko which passes two national reservations evoking the northern taiga. The first one has name Darko (61,6ha large), the second one is torfmoor Radostinske raseliniste (30,5ha large).

Velke Darko

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